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    Payment terminal operation

    For models Move3500, Move5000, Desk3500, Desk5000, use rolls with a width of 57 mm and a maximum roll diameter of 40 mm.

    There are many reasons for rejecting a card, and these depend on the bank that issued the card. Only the bank that issued the card may provide the holder with a response. You can try repeating the transaction if you believe the rejection stemmed from a communication error.

    If “Call MMB Payment Services” appears on the terminal display, contact the Merchant Service Center. This message means that the transaction requires voice authorization from the bank. In this case, an employee of the customer service center will ask your customer’s representative to provide personal information that will enable his identification (name stamped on the card, place of residence, date of birth, identity or passport document number, or name of the bank that issued the card). In such an event, there are three possible subsequent responses:

    • Allow the transaction. The customer service center employee will provide the merchant with an authorization code which must be entered manually at the sales terminal.
    • Reject the transaction. (the customer’s bank will not approve the transaction).
    • Remove the card.