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    We strive to ensure that the comprehensive services we provide around ​​accepting cashless cards are not only convenient, but also safe for our clients.

    Our Merchant Zone is a small wellspring of knowledge about the implementation of non-cash transactions. It is created for our clients so that they can easily and conveniently find information about individual payment transactions made with payment cards and about our security standards.

    This tab contains answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning cooperation with MMB Payment Services and controlling POS terminals. You can also download essential documents that will help you increase the efficiency of cooperation with MMB Payment Services.

    This contains a link to the Online Merchant Services (OMS) service. This is our modern online reporting platform where your reports and detailed reports are presented to help you track your sales and payments.



    Field service technicians

    We have a specialized team of field service technicians who will provide you with the installation and service of terminals as well as essential employee training.


    Simple web portal

    We offer a simple web portal providing access to all reports and information about transactions.


    Support 24/7

    We know that payments are made all the time, so we offer 24/7 nonstop support. This means that help is available whenever you need it.

    Quick installation

    We understand that your time is important. This is why terminal installation is fast for all clients; it also includes training under the guidance of one of our service technicians.

    Online technical support

    See our online help resources.



    Take a look at your reports and transaction information



    Read important safety information


    Documents for the customer

    Download important documents in the “Documents and forms” section


    Frequently asked questions

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